Gorgeous Tiffany Studios New York matching set of Pine Needle Desk items

Tiffany Studios Pine Needle Deskset Desk Set Paper Rack Letter Holder backlit

You don’t come across this every day: A lot of 3 matching Tiffany Studios desk pieces from the Pine Needle pattern with no cracks to the glass! This lot of three is priced to move. This may not be a once in a lifetime deal, but probably once in a decade. Make this Tiffany Studios collection yours or wish you had.

Tiffany Studios New York three 3 piece matching set lot no cracks

This is a unique acquisition. The three-tier letter rack, in particular, is special. It is big! I took high-resolution photos in both natural light and under white light, and a couple that are backlit so you get a better sense of the coloring which can vary depending on light color and direction. And it is BIG — see below.

Tiffany Studios New York Pine Needle Paper Rack Letter Holder

All are clearly stamped and numbered.

Tiffany Studios Pine Needle Pen Wipe

The pen wipe is also in excellent condition, and it still has its original brush — which is very rare.

Tiffany Studios Pine Needle Pen Tray

All items are clearly stamped with “Tiffany Studios New York” or “Tiffany Stvdios New York” followed by the 3- or 4-digit model designator. Below I detail each piece by its model number, its approximate dimensions. 

·       1007: Three-tier letter rack (12 5/8″ w x 3 5/8″ d x 8 5/8″ h): This is a large and rare piece. There are no cracks in the glass. It is extremely unusual to find this item without cracks.

Tiffany Studios New York 1007 Pine Needle

·       1004: Pen tray (9 5/8″ w x 2 3/4″ d x 3/4″ h): This piece has really nice coloring of the glass. See the photo of the back.

Tiffany Studios New York 1004 Pine Needle

·       981: Pen brush (2 1/4″dia x 1 3/4″h): No damage. This one includes the brush, which is rare, and it is very clean piece.

Tiffany Studios New York 981 Pine Needle pen wipe

See more photos at my store. I’ve also added about ten other pieces recently, so check them out before they get away.

Four of my most watched items on are now on sale!

See below. When they are gone, they are gone!

First up is this beautiful Tiffany Studios jewelry box in stunningly good condition. See the box on sale here:

Next up is this really nice Tiffany bronze vase base. Note the “v” instead of a “u” in the word Studios, implying it is one of the earliest produced. See the vase here:

The third Item I’m putting up for sale are these gems. Lot of 3 Tiffany Favrile cordial glasses. All signed. Gorgeous! See them at their sale price here.

Last, check out this wonderful, signed pair of Tiffany Favrile Candlestick bases. Also in excellent condition. See them here:

TIffany Studios Pine Needle “Pen Wipe”, #981

Tiffany Studios New York Pine Needle “pen wipe” 981

This is an antique (about 100 years old) Tiffany Studios “pen wipe”. Originallyit came with a small brush that a writer could use to clean the tip of theirwriting pen. It can also be used a unique small holder.

Pattern: Tiffany Studios Pine Needle

Approximate Dimensions: 1.5″ Tall x 2.25″ Diameter

Marks: Tiffany Studios New York 981 (see photo)

This gorgeous piece is in excellent condition. There are no cracks in the glass. No damage and no repairs. As you can see by the pictures, it is extremely clean and shows well.

This is a sturdy and solid piece that will hold up well to handling and would be an engaging addition to a collection or as a stand-alone piece in a display. It is very bright and shiny.

Exceptional color!

You can see more photos at my online store

Tiffany Stvdios (aka: Studios) bronze dore vase base

This is an acid-etched Tiffany Studios bronze base for a vase. It is a standalone piece without the glass vase or insert. The tongs that hold a vase in place are in excellent condition, and the bottom is clearly stamped. This design is sometimes called “pineapple” or “pine cone” due to the stem’s texture.

What makes this piece unique? Notably, while most pieces of Tiffany Studios are spelled with a “u”, this piece shows a “v” which generally implies an older piece. Also note that as shown in the pictures, this piece has been monogrammed.

Pattern: Tiffany Stvdios bronze dore vase base 1043

Approximate Dimensions: 5″ x 5

Marks: Tiffany Stvdios New York 1043.

This is another display of Tiffany Studios’ craftsmanship. This example is in excellent condition and shows off well the acid etching. If the tongs on your base have broken off, or if you want the more distinct “Stvdios” version for the vase, or if you are just waiting for a vase to show up and will need a base, this is your piece. And if your initials don’t match the monogram…just rotate those so they face the wall. 🙂 This is a nice piece that will display well when matched to the right vase, Tiffany or otherwise. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to 

See more photos at my online store.

Tiffany Studios Venetian Inkwell with Attached Pen Tray — rare find with stunning detail! Pattern #1669

Tiffany Studios desk set deskset
Tiffany Studios Venetian Inkwell and pen tray, 1669

Here is a Tiffany Studios Venetian pattern inkwell on the pen tray with exquisite detail. In Holland’s authoritative book on Tiffany Desksets, he considers this a “3” for rarity on a scale of 1 to 7 (1 is less rare, 7 is extremely hard to find) (Tiffany Desk Sets, Holland, pg 115)

Pattern: Tiffany Studios Venetian 1669

Approximate Dimensions: The tray is 9.5″ square and about .5″ tall. The inkwell itself (which is detachable) is 4″ x 4″ x 4″

Marks: Tiffany Studios New York 1669

This is a fine example of the detailed and symmetrical Venetian pattern, and the acid-etched finish Tiffany often used. The glass insert has several chips around the top, and there is a ding in the cup that holds the glass insert (see photos). Otherwise, it is in exceptional condition. The hinge works perfectly. All around a very nice piece that shows well.

This is a sturdy and solid piece that will hold up well to handling and would be an engaging addition to a collection or as a stand-alone piece in a display.


This is one of the antique Tiffany items I have for sale, so please follow me if you would like to be notified as I add more items from Tiffany Studios, Tiffany Stvdios, Tiffany Furnaces, Tiffany Favrile glass, and a few Tiffany art nouveau pieces, and an occasional piece from Tiffany & Co.

Rare Tiffany Studios Grapevine large Handkerchief box, 824, in exceptional condition, circa 1910 (no cracks, no damage, no repairs)

Tiffany Studios large handkerchief box, #824 (showing the top)

Every now and then you come across one of those “Wow!” pieces.

This is one of them. This is a Tiffany Studios Large Handkerchief box in the Grapevine pattern. Note that it has four rows of beading, and the variegated green and white glass even has a distinctive streak of blue. I’ve actually been holding on to this one because I’m reluctant to let it go. Frankly, it is not only in stunningly good condition, it is also uniquely clean.

Pattern: Grapevine

Approximate Dimensions: 8″ x 8″ x 2.75″

Marks: Stamped Tiffany Studios New York 824

This piece is really in amazingly good shape. It is clearly stamped, “Tiffany Studios New York” and item number stamped clearly as well: 824. All the glass is perfectly intact, the feet are present, and the hinge works smoothly. The Tiffany slag glass is a gorgeous green with streaks of white, and the bronze is a perfect patina. It must have been stored in a container because there is almost no dust. My mother was an antique dealer when I was a kid, which started my interest in Tiffany. So I have seen many pieces from Tiffany Studios, Tiffany Furnaces and Tiffany Favrile glass, but I have only seen a few pieces as fine as this one. Contact me if you would like to see additional pictures to include from any other angle you desire.

If you really want a distinctive and distinguished piece that is beautifully crafted and presents exceptionally well, this is the one. Antique Tiffany is also a compelling investment. See more pictures of my inventory of Tiffany here in my store.

Buy it before I decide to keep it, and it is only available to a loving home that will cherish it! And set aside some time to unwrap it — it will be well secured with foam, bubble wrap and will be double boxed. You will have to sign for it.

Acid-Etched Tiffany Studios Zodiac Inkwell, 842, with Glass Insert and rare Enamel detail

Finding Tiffany Zodiac Inkwells is not that hard to do. But it is hard to find the acid-etched version of the Zodiac pattern with enamel details in such good condition.

Pattern: Tiffany Studios Zodiac 842

Approximate Dimensions: 4.25″ x 4.25″ x 2.25″

Marks: The stamp on this one is very faint. The 42 of the 842 model number is clear. After adjusting the lighting and filters on my camera, you can see “New York”. Where you would normally see “Tiffany Studios” above “New York”, though you can see an imprint, due to the light strike and acid-etching no characters are legible. Here is another view in addition to those posted to my Tiffany Studios store:

Stamped: New York 842

This is a fine example of the Zodiac pattern, and the acid-etched finish Tiffany often used. The glass insert is in perfect condition as is the hinge.

All around a very nice piece that shows well. This is a sturdy and solid piece that will hold up well to handling and would be an engaging addition to a collection or as a stand-alone piece in a display.

Pair of Unique Tiffany Favrile Cordial formal Glasses signed “L. C. T.” , gorgeous gold color

Tiffany glass history includes a very rich variety of items, including these gems. These are a pair of small Tiffany Favrile Cordial glasses.

Approximate Dimensions: 4.65″ and 1.5″

Marks: Each base is etched “L. C. T.”

As you can see in the pictures, the fine glasses are signed “L C T” and have that Tiffany iridescent, gold-ish, coloring. Each has a “dimple” at the bottom of the bowl that was part of the design though difficult to see in a photo. They are in excellent condition, but please note that as hand-crafted and blown glass there are visible imperfections that add to the authenticity and allure of this remarkable find.

Imagine a fully decorated table with the light catching these prize antiques, or imagine them as that perfect, one-of-a-kind wedding gift or anniversary gift to celebrate an enduring bond.

To see pictures of this pair of glasses, see them in my store.

Tiffany Studios Pine Needle Paperclip, 971, in Excellent condition with beautiful green slag glass (no cracks) and great patina

Tiffany Studios Pine Needle Paperclip, Tiffany Pine Needle Paperclip, Tiffany & Co Paperclip

Everyone loves to have something in their hands to play with. How about a 100-year-old paperclip from the ever-popular Tiffany Studios Pine Needle collection that is in perfect condition? This is a fully functional example of both how beautiful and how useful Tiffany’s desk set designs are and why they are still highly prized after over 100 hundred years.

Pattern: Pine Needle

Approximate Dimensions: 3″ x 2″ by 2″

Marks: Stamped “Tiffany Studios New York 971”

This Tiffany Studios paper holder is in perfect working condition, and the finish is a wonderful splotched green patina of the bronze. The glass is primarily green with a streak of white.

Tiffany Studios, Tiffany Stvdios, Paperholder paper holder paperclip paper clip

Though highly desirable, this is one of the less expensive Tiffany desk set piece you will find. Functional and with a gorgeous finish, this metalware and glass item would make an interesting addition to any home or office, any display or desktop.

If you would like to see more pictures, and are interested in pricing and availability, please see this antique paper holder in my antique store

Antique Tiffany Studios Carmel Glass and Bronze Grapevine Desk Set Inkwell, 843

Beautiful Tiffany Studios inkwell. This is the vintage Tiffany Studios Grapevine pattern which was part of the Etched Metal & Glass family of Tiffany desk sets. The glass inkwell insert is a replacement. Otherwise, it is in excellent condition with fine gold coloring and expected patina. it was probably made between approximately 1900 and 1920.

Pattern: Tiffany Studios Grapevine, 843.

Approximately 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″

Tiffany was also famous for his Favrile art glass, and a wide variety of other products. However, the desk sets are some of the most enduring and sought after pieces. 

See more pictures here.

Rare Tiffany Studios Pine Needle Calendar, 930, in Excellent condition with Complete Calendar inserts, circa 1915 (no cracked glass)

This is one of those unique Tiffany Studios pieces that everyone wants to have. It is a flat calendar in excellent condition, and it is fully functional with the continuous paper calendar included.

Pattern: Pine Needle

Approximate Dimensions: 4″ x 3.5″ x 2″

Marks: Stamped “Tiffany Studios New York 930”

This piece is in excellent condition. There are no cracks in the slag glass, and the pane that covers the calendar is also in very good condition other than some minor “flea bites” around the edges. The tension bar that holds the calendar and pane in place is original and in good shape.

This calendar is fully functional, even after 100 years, with its perpetual calendar. See my store of Antique Tiffany for more photos and get pricing and availability information.

It would be a delightful addition to any office or home or to help you complete your collection. And it could be a distinctive anniversary gift to commemorate a lasting bond.

Tiffany Studios Pine Needle Blotter Ends, 998, bronze, in Excellent condition with great patina

One hundred years ago, most writing was done at a desk on top of a writing surface which had ornamental sides. Tiffany Studios made these blotter sides to match their various desk sets., which could be either Pine Needle or Grapevine.

Pattern: Tiffany Studios Pine Needle

Approximate Dimensions: 12″ long

Marks: Stamped “Tiffany Studios New York 998” (Both sides)

These Tiffany blotter ends are a rich patina in the Pine Needle design, and will nicely complement any Pine Needle or Grapevine desk set from the “Etched Metal and Glass” Tiffany desk sets. 

Tiffany antique blotter ends from any of the desk sets are a great way to add to a collection or acquire a unique and compelling display piece. You can see more pictures in my store of Tiffany Studios pieces.

See more inventory at my online store.

Rare Tiffany Studios Pine Needle Paperweight, 936, in Exceptional Condition with bronze, and green and white Slag Glass (no cracks)

This Tiffany Studios Paperweight is a unique and engaging piece. A century ago, when open windows and fans were far more common, paperweights were used to keep papers from blowing around. So Tiffany Studios made paperweights to match their various desk sets. Though this one is in the Pine Needle design, Tiffany often intermixed the pieces of the two patterns — Pine Needle and Grapevine — that made up the “Etched Metal and Glass” sets, so it can easily go with either.

Pattern: Pine Needle

Approximate Dimensions: 3.5″ wide x 1″ tall

Marks: Stamped “Tiffany Studios New York 936”

There is no such thing as “perfect condition” for a 100-year-old piece, but this one is close. There are no cracks to the glass, and as you can see from the pictures there is only gentle rubbing on the bottom. This is a fine example of Tiffany Studios in a durable form.

An easy piece to put on a desk or in a display, it is a conversation started that shows well and highlights how work was done in early American offices. It can be placed flat or on a small plate stand.

This is one that already has a lot of watchers, so don’t let it get away.

If you’d like to see pricing for this one, more photos, or any other of my Tiffany Antiques, let me know. 

Tiffany Favrile Cordial Glass signed LCT with unusual reddish-tint, circa 1910

This is a single, small Tiffany Favrile cordial glass.

Approximate Dimensions: 4.65″ and 1.5″

Marks: The base is etched “L. C. T.” for Louis Comfort Tiffany

As you can see in the picture, this unique glass has that Tiffany iridescent, gold-ish, coloring. Uniquely, this one has a hint of red to it, which I have not seen before. It is in excellent condition, but do note that as hand-crafted and blown glass there are visible imperfections that add to the authenticity and allure of this remarkable find.

To see more pictures, see it at my Antique Store

Unique Tiffany Studios Pine Needle Notepad, 1022, Gorgeous antique in excellent condition in brown bronze and green glass

Tiffany Studios Pine Needle notepad, Tiffany Studios notepad

Another great find, this is a notepad in the Tiffany Pine Needle pattern. It consists of a cover made of Tiffany slag glass encased in a lattice of brown bronze in the Tiffany Studios Pine Needle pattern, which is a subset of the “Etched Metal and Glass” collection and includes both the Pine Needle and Grapevine patterns. The cover is hinged and covers a metal base. Paper of the proper size can be inserted between the two for taking notes.

Pattern: Pine Needle

Approximate Dimensions:  7.5″ x 4.5″ x .75″

Marks: Stamped “Tiffany Studios New York 1022”

This example of the Tiffany Studios’ work is in excellent condition. There are no cracks to the glass, there are no bends to the bronze, and the hinge is in perfect working order. As you can see in the photos, there is some fine flaking to the finish and some minor scratching on the back.

This notepad from the Tiffany New York Studios collection is a fine example of their metalwork workmanship that will show well on a desk or in a display.

For more photos, pricing and availability, see it in my online store of Tiffany Antiques.